Smartest Project Management Toolkit

ProjectKit is a smart toolkit for your organization to quickly set up and manage projects from start to finish to boost your productivity. ProjectKit is practical software-toolkit that gets you organized so that you can reduce unnecessary meetings and simply get things done.

Project Management helps you manage people, time and money to deliver projects from start to finish. Whether you're at the project planning, tracking or reporting phase, the simple intuitive interface will help you deliver the results you need in minutes. As it's online, you can login from anywhere, anytime to update your project status. It's also available on mobile devices, so you can keep an eye on your projects remotely. The great thing over traditional software packages is that your team can login at the same time and update the status of their tasks and as they are doing so - your dashboard, roadmap and reports update real-time. So sign up now to see why it's the best way to manage your projects online!

Project Social Network

A successful project manager MUST be a great communicator! Project Management Communication is a skill that is never perfected, can always be improved and is pivotal in being able to initiate and mobilise a project effectively. ProjectKit Social Network can help you!

Project Group Management

For project managers committed to upholding the highest standards, the protocol contained within the PMBOK® Guide contains vital information for leading effective projects in any industry. For project managers looking to set themselves apart from other leaders in the field, developing advanced project management skills through ongoing professional development including increased competency with projectKit process groups can help leverage the competitive edge.

Issue Management

The Issue Management is a modern methodology for assessing the most critical risks in your projects. It is an easy to use interface that requires no training to use. You can download the risk chart as a PDF file to print out and take to your meetings. This is a modern approved methodology for risk assessment in projects.

Resource Management

Resource Management is about understanding who on your team is busy and who's not, and using that information to make decisions. With this information available real time in Smartsheet, you'll be able to make adjustment quickly to maximize resources and ensure project success.
Resource Management in Projectkit delivers visibility you need, without the complexity that comes with most resource management tools.


Supercharge your productivity with embedded integrations and partner-built solutions, or build your own with our open API. Integrate your work in ProjectKit with the other leading cloud tools in your team’s arsenal. Connected web apps for your connected business.